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We are United Bio Energies (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka.

World demand for renewable energy continues to increase and United Bio
Energies has positioned itself as a reliable, sustainable industry leader in
one of the key renewable energy industries: Biomass.

United Bio energies’ mission is to change the environmental profile of energy generation by becoming the preferred supplier of sustainably sourced biomass, serving utility and industrial customers seeking to decrease their dependence on fossil fuels and reduce their carbon footprint.

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United Bio Energies

Today, United Bio Energies leverages its expertise and resources to source, manufacture, market, and distribute processed woody biomass to its customers around Sri Lanka. As power producers displace coal and other fossil fuels with biomass, United Bio Energies provides a stable, reliable and high-quality source of this carbon-neutral alternative.

United Bio Energies (Pvt)Ltd

A Story of Growth

At United Bio Energies, we offer these sustainable, economical solutions for today’s clean-energy needs while ensuring and sustaining the natural resources required for tomorrow’s as well.

In the Forest


United Bio Energies believes in the responsible and sustainable management of the timberland from which we source. The health and biodiversity of the forests that provide us with our raw materials are critical from both environmental and economical standpoints. Healthy forests require a commercial outlet to ensure wildlife and biodiversity and to help reduce the risk of wildfire, disease and infestation.

The use of woody biomass for energy creates an economic value that secures the continued existence of forests, without which the likelihood of conversion of such timberland to non-forest use would be high.

United Bio Energies’ policy is to locate its facilities around the country which are capable of supplying raw materials while simultaneously maintaining a positive growth to-drain ratio.

In the Plant

United Bio Energies’ manufacturing operations are designed to reduce the environmental impact. Our facilities’ size and capacity are maximized for greatest overall efficiency, and, where feasible, utilize biomass combined heat and power as part of the manufacturing process. Additionally, equipment selection criteria include energy and water efficiency and minimal waste generation, such as the use of biomass as fuel for all of United Bio Energies’ operations.

Transportation and Logistics

At United Bio Energies, we recognize that transportation is contributed to our overall environmental impact. United Bio Energies takes steps to minimize and reduce emissions in all logistics activities and gives priority to low-impact distribution networks.
As a policy, United Bio Energies seeks to minimize transportation emissions by sourcing biomass from areas less than 50Km from our facilities.

Our Mission

By connecting biomass sources to energy consumers, United Bio Energies will reliably provide customers around the country with sustainably generated, clean biomass to improve the environmental profile of energy generation.

Benefits of Wood chips

As an energy-dense, constant fuel made from high-quality wood materials, wood chips offer a range of advantages. Wood chips are efficient as a source of energy— they are reliable and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On an energy content basis, wood chips have significantly lower emissions than fossil fuels. Typically, wood chips have a high energy value per kg. With a very low-moisture content and low dust, wood chips can transport in standard containers. This maximizes economic efficiency and is environmentally preferable as well.

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